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Seismic unrest under Vatnajokull glacier between Bardabunga and Askja volcanoes beginns in August 2014.
Seismic Fracture eruption?: Between Bardabunga and Askja volcanoe high seismic activity may indicate a upcomming fissure eruption on Iceland. Current information via Source (c)Icelandic Met Office (http://en.vedur.is)

Seismic unrest (swarm and tremors) near Askja in Mai 2014.
Seismic Seismic
Grafic left: all seismic since 16 August 2014 ; tremor goes up end of August

Seismic ASKJA: A seismic swarm near Askja volcano on Iceland may indicate magma intrusion. This could lead to an eruption at this area.

Source (c)Icelandic Met Office, www.en.vedur.is


Seismic unrest (swarm tremors) starts in 2012. From the Iclandic Met office (c)2012

Seismic ICELAND, 20.Oct.2012: The earthquake sequence which started offshore North Iceland continues 7 days later. It is neither possible to estimate how long this activity will be ongoing, nor can further earthquakes of M4 be excluded. These earthquakes are purely tectonic and no signs of volcanic activity have been observed.

Source (c)Icelandic Met Office, www.en.vedur.is

Seismic Seismic
Grafic left: Icelands seismic days before Oct.20 ; grafic right: Seismic only at Myrdalsjokull (Katla)
Seismic Seismic
Grafic left: all seismic days before Oct.20 ; grafic right: tremor at Katla


The eruption in 2010!

Eyjafjalla, ISLAND

Eyjafjalla 2010

Airtraffic shut down because of this eruption!

Filmdocumentaries by VHDL members from March and May 2010:

Video clips from the eruption of Eyajafjallajökull to be found at www.V-E-I.de, or Vulkane.net (only in german) with feature information at the website "Naturkatastrophen".

Chris, VEI 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull Martin Rietze 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull VHDL 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull
Images: Ash cloud; during the night(c)Martin Rietze; eruption at the crater(c)VHDL

Youtube video at the crater of Eyjafjalla Mai 2010!

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