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Documentation and
Logistic Research



VHDL member work on volcanoes worldwide to study volcanic hazards and risks. Logistic research is frequently done to provide this knowledge to anyone visiting and planing to work at an active volcano. This knowledge can improve access to a site of field studies and may increase the safety for a project.

Daniela Szczepanski
Joerg Keller
Marc Szeglat
Jurgis Klaudius
Christian Falk
Detlef Barkemeyer
Thomas Schulmeister
Franz Neubauer
Jens Edelmann
Erika Vye
Konrad Merck
Hanspeter Kraemer
Martin Rietze
Monika Seeger
Jean Perrin
Thorsten Boeckel
Steffen Graupner
Holger Mathias
Tom Pfeiffer
Celia Nyamweru
Manfred Meyer
Frederick Belton
Bernhard Donth
Andreas Ramsler
Werner Deininger
Juergen Besser
Rainer Albiez
Peter Renner
Christoph Weber
Antje Monshausen
Richard Roscoe
Andrea Ercolani
Elisabeth Graf
Gé Beijers
Sandra Deckert
Matthieu Kervin
Andi Susanto Rosadi
Tobias Schorr
Lothar Fritsch
Chris Heinlein
Sabine Gebhard-Wald
Hans-Juergen Knoblauch
Carsten Peter
Klaus Wohlfahrt
Ulrike Krehwinkel
Gerrit Hesse
Brigitte Willems
Andrea Mazzaglia
Ariane Struck
Matthias Neudecker
Marko Schmiedel
Richard Roscoe
Frank Möckel
Adrian Rohnfelder
Walter Dussler
Alexandra Fromme
Dasirun Baladraf

You are invited to become a member or supporter of VHDL! Anyway, with your comments, suggestions and advises, you can help to improve the VHDL data base and projects. We are also looking for volunteers to take part of the VHDL administration.

Why do people visit active volcanoes?

The life on earth has been partly created because of volcanic activity, there is no doubt about that. The earth's interior energy and resulting plate tectonics, as well as volcanic changes of the surface of our planet is continuing even today. The human desire to explore and to understand this fascinating natural phenomena just under our feet is a logical consequence. It's the same kind of fascination which humans keep for lightning or a beautiful sunset.
To visit an active volcano appears to be a visit to source of life. But do we understand today a lot about volcanoes and geophysics? Much more has to be discovered and studied to understand volcanism in all terms. To work on active volcanoes is a challenge and needs support to be successful. The more people do understand volcanism and get in touch with volcanoes, the more support could be given to this scientific field and the day may come, where we know as much about the earth interior as we know from space today. At that day human victims caused by volcanic eruptions could be minimized because of scientific forcasts and knowledge.
Anyone visiting or working on acitve volcanoes should have great respect to this part of nature and should keep the limits to it. Desaster tourism and danger seeking is certainly not the right reason to visit an active volcano.

Volcanic Hazards Documentation and Logistic Research
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