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ETH 2014
Erta Ale & Danakil starting
01. Dec. 2014

VOLCANO TRAVEL VEI - excursions and news

SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes merry Christmas and all the best for 2015 with many great volcano adventures.
ETHIOPIA: Second tour in 2014 and second full hit. A great team made this incredible dream true again, to see the Danakil desert coulors once more with lot's of fun.
ETH 2014 ETH 2014 ETH 2014
Images of the Danakil: Dallol; Erta Ale lava lake; hot spring
ONTAKE: We feel very sorry for the victims on Ontake volcano, caused by an unexpected phreatic eruption starting on September 27th. Our April 2015 excursion (program) to Japan will not be touched by this tragical occurence.
Ontake 2009 Ontake 2009 Ontake 2009
Images form left: Side crater with pilgrims facilities; summit facilities; active crater on Ontake (c)VEI 2009

Eyafjalla 2010 03.09.14 ICELAND:
Between the volcano Bardabunga and Askja a fissure has opened on 28. August after long lasting seismic unrest in this area in 2014. Lava eruptions from up to 1000qm/sec. have been meassured.
Do we focus a similar story like Eyjafjalla 2010 ? We will let you know about it.

INDONESIA: We are back form a gorges trip with lot's of fun thanks to a great team. Exciting excursions to 8 volcanoes and the view strait into erupting craters were on our way.
Indonesia 2014 Indonesia 2014 Indonesia 2014
Images form left: Explosion at Ibu; view inside the crater of Dukono; Soputan with great dawn light (c)VEI 2014

ERTA ALE: With our great experiences in January, we do run another excursion to Erta Ale and the Danakil in 2014. Travel start will be on approx. Dec. 1st. Look at the program as a best of Erta Ale & Danakil!
Erta Ale Dez. 2012 Dallol Dez. 2012 Erta Ale Dez. 2012
Images from the left: Lava lake of Erta Ale; Dallol; Strombolian hornito at Erta Ale (c) VEI 2013

ETNA: Volcano with very variable activity! After many paroxysm, strombolian activity and lava flows took place since days. Beside this, a very rare pyroclastic flow occured.
Etna 2014 Etna 2014 Etna 2014
Images above are all form the last days with the PF from Feb., 11. filmed by Chris Weber. See a youtube-video on VHDL VHDL.

ERTA ALE: We had a great excursion to the wild erupting lava lake of Erta Ale, Dallol and Djibouti. Thanks to the great folks and local operators!
Danakil 2014 Danakil 2014 Danakil 2014
Images from left: Cathrin crater; Explosive lava lake of Erta Ale; Lava fountaine in the crater (c)VEI 2014.

Older news can be found at the data archiv!


excursions to active volcanoes worldwide

Eyjafjalla: at the crater!
Erta Ale 2010, (C)chris Weber VEI
Youtube Video vom Erta Ale.

Yellowstone and the Cascade volcanoes from 2013! See more at our USA-page.

We go again in 2012!
Image above: Sakura-jima eruption in Aug 2009.

volcano excursions
by our college

Stromboli (c) Rafael Werndli
Stromboli 2008: Rafael Werndli took this great picture on the Italian tour 2008

Image above: April 2007 on Piton de la Fournaise, lava flows at lower altitudes.

Etna, Sicily
Image above: November, 16th, 2006: the Southeast Crater of Etna (Sicily) erupted at 5:50am, while we were taking film shots on the spot.

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