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Cerro Negro Side map Nicaragua and volcanoes:
Activity reports

Volcanoes of Nicaragua
Short reports about activity of nicaraguan volcanoes from March 2000 until today!

Cerro Negro:
Cerro Negro was born in April 1850 and is now a 250 m high basaltic cone. The last eruption occured in 1999.
Visit of the crater on 2nd April 2000: SE of the new cone at the crater wall was the strongest fumarole area (see picture above). The temperature was 310C (Digital thermometer (TM 914C with a stab feeler standard K-Type), 0-1200 Celsius mode, readings by inserting the feeler 15 cm into the fumaroles, DT method +/- 3C in the 0-750C range). In the northern part of the crater was a flat dome (20X20 meters) with black and fresh looking lava (scoria).
Pictures of the crater and the location of the fumaroles are availiable!

Visit on 1st April 2000: gas clouds with fine ash were visible over the crater. The clouds were about 500 m high and travelled to the west. The view into the crater on 5th April showed only degassing of the south crater. Very loud yetlike noises came from this crater. The active vent was in the SE corner of the south crater. Pictures of the volcano and the crater are availiable!
middle sized ash eruptions occured in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009.
Visit Apr. 2010: Steam and Gas excape from the crater, no eruption but red glow inside the crater by night.

San Cristobal:
Visit 2000: Clouds covered the view into the crater at the morning of 4th April. Degassing could be heard and the wind brought fine ash over the volcano slopes. A lot of white vapor vented out of the crater.
Notyfied eruptions with ash occured since then, for example in 2008 and 2009.

Momotombos last eruption is known for 1905. In 2010 the crater area of this 1300 m high strato volcano (a steep climb) was colorful solfatar and fumarol. The highest temperatures were measured with incredible 748 degrees celsius in 1998.

An american local confirmed the little eruption in December 1999. Red glow was visible from the shore line of the island he said. Since 2007 the activity of this 1700 m high strato volcano is more intense. In March 2010, the access to the summit was againclosed for visitors.

Masaya volcano is known for it's big degassing "Drive-IN" crater, which had red glow inside until a collaps in 2008. Surprising eruptions at Santiago crater occured in 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2008.

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