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Eolian Islands
Excursions to Italy
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ita ita
Filmset at Pompeji and at Vesuvius during an expedition in 2001


ita ita
Filmexpedition to Eolian Islands and to Stromboli during the eruptions 2002/2003. The Italian Civil Protection gave our filmteam a lift by helicopter to the island of Stromboli, where a Tsunami had destroyed some houses close to the water front. The yellow sulfur of Fossa 2 (Island of Volcano) is a great film spot.
blue hour Vulcano on the way towards Stromboli Stromboli with full moon
Some images of our excursions to the Eolian Islands.

Eruption at Stromboli The VEI film-expeditions were broadcasted at different TV-Channels, for example: ARD, "Abenteuer Erde" (E.W. Bauer), 26.03.2003

You can find video-clips about this stories at the webside of our partner


ita ita
ita ita
Some images of our different film-expeditions at Mt. Etna during the last years. Some big eruptions were documented, as well as the great nature at Mt. Etna national park and some special places like ice caves.
 Hike up Etna At the crater The theater of Taormina with Etna in the background
Some images of our excursions to Etna.

Smoking summit of Etna VEI Trekking to Mt. Etna (ITALY)

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