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Merapi Side map Indonesia and volcanoes:
About the country
Picures of East Java
Bali & Lombok
Excursions to Indonesia
Indonesian islands

About the country

The country Indonesia hosts about 70 active volcanoes on it's numberless islands. Not only this is good reason to visit the beautifull country, also the relaxing athmosphere when travelling, the delicious foud and of course the very tollerant, friendly and hospitable people. Sadly there are some elements trying to destroy this culture, but we will never let them douwn and want change our positive opinion in generall about this folks.

Volcanoes of East Java

Some of the most spectacular active volcanoes are found on the easter poart of the island of Java. There are as well cultural highlights such as the tempel of Borobudur and Prambanan and there are some fine nature to discouver.

Merapi, Copyright (c) Martin Rietze Merapi, Copyright (c) Martin Rietze Merapi, Copyright (c) Martin Rietze
Picures from the left (all 3 Copyright (c) Martin Rietze): degassing at Merapi; blue gas flame by night; the glowing Dom of Merapi by Nacht
Merapi Merapi Tengger
Pictures from the left: degassing at Merapi; hike up the south flank of Merapi with Chris; Tengger Caldera with Bromo and Semeru (background)

Semeru: Copyright Martin Rietze Semeru: Copyright Martin Rietze Semeru: Copyright Martin Rietze
Picures from the left (all 3 Copyright (c) Martin Rietze): Semeru seen from the south; Semeru erupting in the night; view from the summit of Semeru by night
Semeru Semeru Ijen
Picures from the left: asheruption at Semeru; Semeru erupting seen from the summit; sulfur mining at Kawah Ijen

Bali and Lombok

Both islands of Bali and Lombok belongs to the Sunda Islands, but the biological frontier is between Bali and Lombok with the so called "Wallace Line". Bali island is inhabitated with the animals and plants from Asia, while Lombok has got it's influence from Australia. Both islands have great active volcanoes.

Batur Batur Rinjani
Picures from the left: Volcano Batur, Bali; crater lake of Batur caldera; the crater of Rinjani, Lombok

Trekking to Indonesia

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