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Tupungatito /Tupungato (CHILE)>

Side map Tupungatito (CHILE) and excursion:

About the excursion




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About the excursion

A six day trekking excursion only undertaken by Chris to 6570 meter high Tupungato and the active neighbouring volcano Tupungatito was one of the highlights of VEI-trip through Chile. Chris managed to get as high as 6320 meter at Tupungato and he was very satisfied with great views over the volcanic range at tought weather conditions. At the volcano Tupungatito, Chris bumpet at 4800 m into an expedition of glaciertologists and sedimentologists to his surprise. This expedition team from MAINE and VALDIVIA were on the way of taking ice core samples for climate research. A hard and difficult undertaking. Those great folks were very nice and wellcomed Chris with dinner invitations and so on. ''Thanks again friends at this point for taking care of me. Of course, I wish them all the ver best for a safe and succesfull finisch of the expedition.'' Some images from Tupungato and Tupungatito here below.


East of Santiago de Chile you can find some of the highest summits of the Andes, rises apruptly from a few hundreds meters, over six thousand meters of altitude. Tupungato is one of this high mountains, well actually an old volcano rather than a tectonic uplift. Tupungagto is accessable from the Valley of Maipo and finllay via Rio Colorado. It takes some days to get to the volcano with an expedition and al lot of guts to climb to the summit.

Chile 2012 Chile 2012 Chile 2012
Images from the left: Sinter terraces on the way at Rio Colorado; evening light on Tupungato; Base camp at 4800 m with great views to Tupungato.

Tupungatito is the small neigbour of Tupungato. Still, this young and active volcano is about 5600 meters high. Four principal craters form the summit of Tupungatito, which erupted last in November 1987 explosive. Mayor eruptions occured frequently in the last decades, such as in 1980, 1964, 1960 (with lava flows), 1959, 1947 and so on. Today, Tupungatito hosts a beautifull green acid (app. 35 degrees hot) lake in one of it's carters.

Chile 2012 Chile 2012 Chile 2012
Images from the left: the crater of Tupungatito with the green acid lake, note solfatars at the water line.
Chile 2012 Chile 2012 Chile 2012
Images from the left: International expedition team of great folks; view to the summit of 6570m high Tupungato; high camp of Chris at 5600 m;
Chile 2012 Chile 2012 Chile 2012
Images from the left: 2 overviews from Tupungato to the volcano of Tupungatio and neighbouring glacier; ice fromation on the way

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