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For example:


for Nikon 2012; Erta Ale and the Danakil (Ethiopia)
Nikon 2012(c)Andreas Hempel Photography Nikon commercial image;
(c) Andreas Hempel

Eyjafjalla: at the crater!

The commercial use of our video footage (DV 16x9, as mpg2) is possible /for sale (1000Euro/Minute). Für downloads (about 5 min max.) please contact us via Email:!
Rietze 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull BBC file at

See the BBC interview of Chris Weber. Klick here to the top!

(Marc is a professional filmer, specialized on active volcanoes. Some of his productions are already broadcasted. Together with VEI some magnificent expeditions were done and stay in progress. Check our volcano pages to catch an eye on this:

Pompeji, Lengai, Erta Ale
Marc Szeglat during work Streaming Planet offers:
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  • Repoert about a region
  • Commercial films
  • Scientific films
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Travel movie
  • Film archiv

Volcano images have been taken by Chris Weber since 20 years, which leads to a selection of over 15,000 slides and many digital images. Have a look at our archiv to see some examples of what we can offer you. Any of this examples can be delivered in high digital quality.

Hier zum VEI-Foto-Archiv


The VEI - Volcano-Image-Archiv offers:
  • Big image selection
  • Digial images via Email or CD
  • images on demand
  • picture reports
  • pictures for calenders

Publication by Chris Weber
There is a vaority of news, features and reports about volcanoes and volcanic regions. Just look at the volcano list for details or contact us.

Hot Spot la Réunion
Feature about the island Réunion and the volcano Piton de la Fournaise with many facts
app. 3600 letters Ethiopia
A breave information about the situation in Nov. 2002
View into a lava tube on Réunion island Waterfalls at the river Nile Publications:
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  • Features
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  • Images

Our literature tip I: Volcano & Geothermal Tourism, (c)Earthscan
"Volcano & Geothermal Tourism"
Patricia Erfurt-Cooper and Malcolm Cooper,
Earthscan 2010 (ISBN 987-1-84407-870-7)
Sustainable geo-resources for leisure and recreation.

excursions to active volcanoes worldwide
Eyjafjalla 2010
Eyjafjalla youtube Video

'Hot foot to Hawaii'
Publication by colleague
Adrian Rohnfelder
in the Daily telegraph

Erta Ale 2010, (C)chris Weber VEI
Youtube Video from Erta Ale
website of VHDL
Volcanic Hazards Documentation & Logistic Research
Martin Rietze 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull

TOP volcano fotographer
Our Literature tip II:

"Earth on fire"
Bernhard Edmaier, Phaidon 2010 (ISBN 978-0-7148-5700-8)
"How volcanoes shape our planet!"

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