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MEXICO & CHILE: Back from the highest volcanoes of North and South America. Orizaba (5675 m) was top, Ojos (6885 m) unfortunately too hard to the very top, but with a great desert.
Orizaba, Mexiko Popo und Izta, Mexiko Laguna Verde am Ojos
VEI wishes merry Xmas and all the best for the new year 2018 !
USA 2017: SOFI at August 21. was awesome! Also volcanoes were on our way (Mt. Rainier).
USA 2017 USA 2017 USA 2017
ITALY: Impressions from Stromboli May 2017
Italien 2017 Italien 2017 Italien 2017
SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes merry Christmas and all the best for 2017 with many great volcano adventures.
ETHIOPIA: Thanks to a great team with travel guide Adrian the VEI Tour was successful.
Erta 2016 Erta 2016 Erta 2016
Images from the Danakil (c) A. Rohnfelder: Erta Ale lava lake and Dallol
SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes a merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 - always safe travel to active volcanoes on your way!
ERTA ALE: Our excursion to the lava lake of Erta Ale can start in FEB. 2016. And it looks good on the site. See below!
erta ale 2015 Images:

left, lava lake of Erta Ale below the edge;

right, infrared image of Erta Ale in DEC. 2015.
erta ale 2015

JAPAN: Back in Japan with those hot impressions at the volcanoes. Beside this, great fun again travelling around anyway.
Japan (c) Weber 2015 Japan (c) Weber 2015 Japan (c) Weber 2015
Images from the left: Explosive Sakurashima with lightning; by night; Aso asheruption (Heli gives scale) (c) VEI 2015.

VANUATU: The islands of Vanuatu were hit by a strong Typhoon. We are very sorry about any lost and damages. This was not the only news in March. Ambrym volcano had an unusual fracture eruption inside the summit caldera.
ERTA ALE & DANAKIL: The last excursions were great, so we go again! Start will be approx. 14. Feb 2015. Look at the program:Erta Ale & Danakil!
SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes merry Christmas and all the best for 2015 with many great volcano adventures.
ETHIOPIA: Second tour in 2014 and second full hit. A great team made this incredible dream true again, to see the Danakil desert coulors once more with lot's of fun.
ETH 2014 ETH 2014 ETH 2014
Images of the Danakil: Dallol; Erta Ale lava lake; hot spring
ONTAKE: We feel very sorry for the victims on Ontake volcano, caused by an unexpected phreatic eruption starting on September 27th. Our April 2015 excursion (program) to Japan will not be touched by this tragical occurence.
Ontake 2009 Ontake 2009 Ontake 2009
Images form left: Side crater with pilgrims facilities; summit facilities; active crater on Ontake (c)VEI 2009

Eyafjalla 2010 03.09.14 ICELAND:
Between the volcano Bardabunga and Askja a fissure has opened on 28. August after long lasting seismic unrest in this area in 2014. Lava eruptions from up to 1000qm/sec. have been meassured.
Do we focus a similar story like Eyjafjalla 2010 ? We will let you know about it.

INDONESIA: We are back form a gorges trip with lot's of fun thanks to a great team. Exciting excursions to 8 volcanoes and the view strait into erupting craters were on our way.
Indonesia 2014 Indonesia 2014 Indonesia 2014
Images form left: Explosion at Ibu; view inside the crater of Dukono; Soputan with great dawn light (c)VEI 2014

ERTA ALE: With our great experiences in January, we do run another excursion to Erta Ale and the Danakil in 2014. Travel start will be on approx. Dec. 1st. Look at the program as a best of Erta Ale & Danakil!
Erta Ale Dez. 2012 Dallol Dez. 2012 Erta Ale Dez. 2012
Images from the left: Lava lake of Erta Ale; Dallol; Strombolian hornito at Erta Ale (c) VEI 2013

ETNA: Volcano with very variable activity! After many paroxysm, strombolian activity and lava flows took place since days. Beside this, a very rare pyroclastic flow occured.
Etna 2014 Etna 2014 Etna 2014
Images above are all form the last days with the PF from Feb., 11. filmed by Chris Weber. See a youtube-video on VHDL VHDL.

ERTA ALE: We had a great excursion to the wild erupting lava lake of Erta Ale, Dallol and Djibouti. Thanks to the great folks and local operators!
Danakil 2014 Danakil 2014 Danakil 2014
Images from left: Cathrin crater; Explosive lava lake of Erta Ale; Lava fountaine in the crater (c)VEI 2014.

SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes a merry Christmas and all the best for 2014 - always safe travel and many active volcanoes on your way!
HAWAII: The Hot Spot on it's best! Well, that was on our way once more and with great folks a joyful and very pleasure trip. Thanks maids.
Hawaii 2013 Hawaii 2013 Hawaii 2013
Images from left: Kilauea lava lake, with look inside and form close (c) VEI 2013, nameless picture taker.

ETHIOPIA: A volcanic and mineralogical excursion run by our partner VolcanoDiscovery in early 2014 gives you a great opportunity to get to this unique volcano and Danakil desert. Have a close look.
ETNA: After mounth of silence the sicilian volcano erupted again on 26. October and yesterday. Will this be the start of a new period of activity?
Yellowstone: We are back from a 5 weeks trip to the Cascade volcanoes and Yellowstone. For some nice images check our USA-page .
TOLBACHIK: After 7 month of activity start, we found the fissure eruption still going on. Covered lava flows, sky holes and 3 degassing lava lakes were pretty much to see. Check also images at: VHDL.
Tolbachik 2013 Tolbachik 2013 Tolbachik 2013
Tolbachik Images from left: view into a glowing tunnel; lava lake; explosive degassomg (c) VEI 2013.

KAMCHATKA: Our fantastic expedition is over. We had hard weather conditions, but great adventure and two quite active volcanic sitess - one was Tolbachik (look at IMAGES!)
Kamchatka 2013 Kamchatka 2013 Kamchatka 2013
Images: Karyaksky and Avacha; erupting Tolbachik; PF at Shiveluch(c) VEI 2013. Our special thanks to Lost World:

Infrarot-Sat. Tolbachik 2013 15.06.13 TOLBACHIK:
The volcano Tolbachik in russias Kamchatka ist still going on with activity. Since the eruption start in November 2012 quite a long time.
VEI runs an expedition to this target soon. A report about this later on at VHDL!

MAYON: An unexpected phreatic eruption occured at the philippian strato volcano Mayon, causing approx. 5 climbers dead and some injured. Mostly german volcano hikers are under the victims. We know, phreatic eruptions aren't predictable, well a rare hazard to be 'gotcha'. However, a very big sorry to the victims families from our side.
Nikon 2012(c)Andreas Hempel FOTO-EXPEDITION:
Nikon commercial image as a result of a VEI-Expedition to Erta Ale in December 2012.
Specially the professional fotographer Andreas Hempel(c) did a great job. Compliments! This image with slogan at VEI-Media!

ETNA: The sicilian volcano is frequently eruptiong not only at the SE-crater, also Bocca Nuova shows periods of strombolian activity form a vent inside the vast crater.
Etna 2013 Etna 2013 Etna 2013
Images from the left: Bocca Nuova during full moom; Bocca Nuova with ash eruption; Bocca Eruption seen form the east flank of Etna (c) VEI 2013

VOLCANO DISCOVERY is offering excursions to GREECE and ITALY. Find HERE some details.
KAMTCHATKA: Our expedition for 2013 now with a changed program due to the activity of Tolbachik. See program with details (link below).
KAMTCHATKA(Expedition) Kamtchatka volcanoes 21.06. - 13.07.2013 23 days, Participants: 6-8

SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 with many great volcano adventures.
ERTA ALE: After JAN incident 2012, a military unit has been based at Erta Ale to protect tourist groups at the volcano from the base to the top. This makes the volcano visit as safe, as it has never been. The volcano Dallol is still visited with military company. For the geological situation please look at VHDL.
Erta Ale Dez. 2012 Dallol Dez. 2012 Erta Ale Dez. 2012
Images from the left: Lava lake of Erta Ale; Dallol; Strombolian hornito at Erta Ale (c) VEI 2012

TOLBACHIK: This Kamtchatka volcano erupted to anybody surprise with explosive activity and lava flows today. The last eruption was in 1975.
KAMTCHATKA: Our expedition for 2013 has been set for 20.June until 13.July. See program and details with the link below.
KAMTCHATKA(Expedition) Kamtchatka volcanoes 20.06. - 13.07.2013 24 days, Participants: 5-8

JAPAN: What a dream! After 7 gorges weeks in JAPAN with great folks and great volcanoes, it's hard to step back into office work. Well, let's do it for the next tour to come.
Sakurajima 2012 Fuji San 2012 Yakedake 2012
Images from the left: Explosive Eruption at Sakurajima; Fujijama, THE holy mountain of Japan; Acid crater lake at Yakedake (c) VEI

VANUATU: Back from a great expedition (great team) at Vanuatu hottest volcanoes. Well, it was partly more like the wettest volcanoes.
Ambae 2012 Ambrym 2012 (c)Rosi Ziegler Yasur 2012
Bilder von Links: Säuresee Vui auf Ambae; Lava See auf Ambrym (c)Rosi; Strombolianer Yasur auf Tanna (c)VEI

CHILE: We are back from a fantastic 6 week trip in Chile. What a great country. Everything went fine from active Puyehe until 6500 m high Tupungato. A report about this volcano will be edited soon HERE.
Chile 2012 (c)Chris Weber VEI Chile 2012 (c)Chris Weber VEI Chile 2012 (c)Chris Weber VEI
Images from left: Puyehue with ash cloud; Vullarrica in the night; 6570 meter high Tupungato

ERTA ALE (DANAKIL): A travel group has been ataced by rebells at Erta Ale, 5 travellers died from shooting. We are very sorry about this clash. Due to this we have to stop operating excursions into the Danakil (to Erta Ale) until further notice. We feel very sorry for our partners in Ethiopia about this circumstances.
SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes merry Christmas and all the best for 2012 - always safe travel and of course many active volcanoes on your way to enjoy the nature.
Fuego/GUATEMALA (c)Neudecker 2011 Nyiragongo 11 Batu Tara 11
Images from left: strombolian eruption at Fuego (c)Neudecker, crater of Nyiragongo(c)Boeckel, Batu Tara (c)Szeglat.

PUYEHUE: After weeks of activity, the eruption is still going on. Of course we will give Puyehue a breve visit on our way through CHILE in the following weeks.
ERTA ALE: VEI will decide end of January if and when to set a new travel data for an expedition to Erta Ale lava lake and Dallol.
VANUATU: Two international guided excursion (5.-19. Aug. 2012 with guide Yashmin) and (3.-16. Sep. 2012 with guide Ulla), run by VolcanoDiscovery. Volcanoes in the South Sea, Check also here for details.
EL HIERO: The situation get's more and more dramatic. Since yesterday, the eruption brakes throgh the oceans surface. This type of activity is called surtseyan eruption and might be the beginning of an new island just off shore of El Hiero. We will be on the spot for some days to document this rare volcanological occurence.
EL HIERO: After long seismic unrest under this Canarian island, a submarine eruption started today. So far no threat to the inhabitants of El Hiero.
ETNA: The paroxysm number 16 occured at Etna today. This is already a long lasting episode at the sicilian volcano. How will this end up?
INDONESIA: Some adventures volcano visits ar behind us. Thanks a lot to all of our teams.
Krakatau11 Batu Tara11 Ijen11
Images from left: Lava fountain at Krakatau, Batu Tara at night, Sulphur burning at Ijen.

KRAKATAU: Infrared images form a satellite indicate a new eruption episode on Anak Krakatau. Well, good for our next excursion starting soon.
ETNA: The sicilian volcano goes on with paroxysmal eruptions like on 20. July. Activity has been also noticed in the crater Bocca Nuova.
etna11 etna11 etna11
Images from the left: Eruptions at Bocca, Paroxysm at Etna, Lava flows towards Valle del Bove.

ETNA: The volcano in Sicily has erupted again on 9th of July with a short lasting paroxysm. At one of the craters outcast of light pyroclastics with red glow at night have been noticed.
CHILE: The new volcano eruption at Puyehue leads to an opportunity of a short trip to this volcano form 2.JAN until 6.JAN of 2012, while we are anyway in Chile. Second, we like to remind our clients for a challenging 8 day mountaineer expedition to the highes volcanoe on earth: Nevado Ojos del Salado. This expediton runs form 24.JAN until 31.JAN 2012 as a part of the 26 days expedition 'Highest volcanoes on eath' (see tabel above).
GRIMSVÖTN: A new volcano eruption on Iceland causes airport close down. We think an excursion to Iceland is a bit risky concerning air logistics.
VOLCANODISCOVERY offers a great excursion ( 15-22(23).Oct.2011) to Greece including Santorin. Check VolcanoDiscovery for details on this tour.
ITALIEN: The volcano Etna erupted again yesterday. This was the 5th paroxysm in 2011 and it makes any excurson to this volcano very interesting. Well, we do have a special tour starting on 23. September, so feel free to ask for details:
ITALY (Trekking) Fire Mountain of Sicily 23.09.- until 02.10.11; from 1.420,-Euro 10 days, Participants: 6-14

ECUADOR: The volcano Tungurahua erupted very havy during the last days. Evacuations were ordered. Sure, all the "Avenida de los Volcanes" is very interesting for an excursion, but VEI has no plans to go there soon.
INDONESIEN (NEW): The excursion BEST OF JAVA & KRAKATAU takes place for our Japan excursion, which is now set for 2012. For details of this Java and Krakatau special klick the link below.
INDONESIA (Trekking) Best of Java & Krakatau 01.09. - 22.09.11; 2.280,-Euro 22 days, Participants: 6-9

KAMTCHATKA Our colleges from VolcanoDiscovery are looking for an expedition team with the goal (September 2011, about 21 days) for Kamtchatka.
JAPAN: The terrifying news wan't end. VEI asks for any help to make the situation in Honshu better. If you can donate money, great. If you can take action, great.
JAPAN: It's so sad to see all this come over Japan. A brave and good nation. We, as tavellers, felled in love with Japan so much. Today, we are not so positive anymore to hang on on our excursion in September. If Tokio region get's poluted by radio active fall out during the next weeks, than we we have to think of a new travel data, but let's stay positive!!!
VOLCANODISCOVERY From now on we can offer much more excursion with our partner and college from. VolcanoDiscovery.
JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: We feel so sorry for Japan after this devastating earthquake and Tsunami. Our condolences go to all victims and we hope, that our personal friends in Japan are not seriously affected by this desaster.
GUATEMALA: What a great excursion is over. Great folks, good weather and very active Santiaguito and Fuego. See images below.
Fuego 2011 (c)A. Rohnfelder Fuego 2011 (c)M. Neudecker Santiaguito 2011 (c)M. Neudecker
Images from the left: Fuego eruptionen by night; PF at Santiaguito by night; strombolian eruption at Fuego

GUATEMALA: In a few days we will hit off to to tis beautiful country again. "Vamos amigos"! The volcanoes are quite active and a report about our adventures will be publishes here afterwards.
NYIRAGONGO: A VHDL-Team Nyiragongo, Congo. A report and pictures will be published soon at "VHDL (Congo)".
SEASONAL GREETINGS: VEI wishes all of you merry Christmas and all the best for 2011 - specially at the active volcanoes around the world.
ERTA ALE: The lava lake of Erta Ales south pit has finally reached the edge and caused some overflows. Mor to study at the USGS ( Right now, VEI has no plans to go on a special expedition to Erta Ale during the next mounth.
KRAKATAU: Some images form our short visit midd of Nevember 2010. The explosions were quite stong at those days.
krakatau krakatau krakatau
Images: Eruption by night, sometimes with flashes inside the ash clouds.

MERAPI: our film documentation has been done! It was geologicaly very interesting at Merapi. Even, when the eruption has dropped a lot. But by far most emoptional to us, was the fatality specialy of the Nov.,5th eruption with it's many tragedies. A feature with pictures will be published at VHDL file "Project Merapi".
MERAPI: The eruption of Merapi (since 26th Oct.) is a film documentary project starting the next days with volcano filmer Marc Szeglat .
ERTA ALE: Our travel plans for an excursion to Erta Ale and Djibouti want come true this winter. We are sorry about this and will try to find a new schedule.
INDONESIA: This year excursion was very adventures, and thanks to Andi from Azimuth very well organized. Also the folks were great. See some picture below - well, the great and exciting enitial eruption of Krakatau (6th Aug.) is only on video!
Karangetang 2010 (c)H. Knoblauch Tompaluan 2010 (c)H. Knoblauchr Mahameru 2010 (c)H. Knoblauch
Images: hot stuff at the crater of Karangetang, Tompaluan, Mahameru,(c)H. Knoblauch 2010!

OBITUARY: Midd of may, our college and business partner Alain Pierre De Toffoli from Azimth-Travel died surprisingly in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are very very sad about this. We offer our condolence to his family and friends.
EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL: The commercial use of our video footage (DV 16x9, as mpg2 for example) is possible /for sale (1000Euro/Minute). Für downloads (about 5 min max.) please contact us via Email:!
EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL: With the college, friend and mountaineer Martin Rietze, I reached the crater of Eyjafjallajökull a few days ago. Well, this was very interesting and indeed spectacular. By the way, it was not easy to get there. Check the great images of Martin below!
Martin Rietze 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull Martin Rietze  2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull Martin Rietze 2010(c) Eyjafjallajökull
all above (c)Martin Rietze 2010: eruptions by night

EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL: The eruption in Island continues with vast ash ejections. This has brought down the european air traffic for 2 days already. Great film shots of the prior flank eruption can be seen on the website; Eyajafjallajökull (site is only in German).


Youtube Video vom Erta Ale Feb. 2010.

ERTA ALE: Our excursion to Erta Ale and Dallol was a great success thanks to our local staff and tour operator. The activity at Erta Ale was fantastic with dramatic uprises and spattering of the lava lake. See some images below here!
Erta Ale Feb. 2010 (c)C. Weber Erta Ale Feb. 2010 (c)C. Weber Erta Ale Feb. 2010 (c)C. Weber
Images: Lava spattering at Erta Ale lava lake from top and inside the crater (c)C. Weber 2010.!

SEASONAL GREETINGS: We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010. May health and good luck in all your doings be with you at any time. As well, have great fun at your excursions and volcano adventures.
PHILIPPINES: Mayon is getting dangerous with it's activity these days. Try to avoid Mayon for some time until this "eruption crisis" is over. We realy hope, that nothing bad will happen to the nice folks living around the volcano.
INDONESIA: We are very happy to offer new great excursion to Indonesia again in 2010. Please look at the tables above to enter the programs with details.
JAPAN: Back from an 4-week investigation trip to about 24 japanese volcanoes. What a great country with so friendly and peacefull people. It was good to learn, how volcano trekking, travel and living had to be managed - well, it's not so difficult as you might think of!
VANUATU: This time we were very lucky with the weather and the volcanic activity. Neverless it was a great expediton team too.
Benbow 2009 (c)C. Weber Aoba 2009 (c)C. Weber Yasur 2009 (c)C. Weber
Images: Lava inside Benbow; Aoba with Lake Vui; eruting pits inside Yasur (c)C. Weber.!

NEW FAX-NUMBER: We would like to remind you, that the VEI office has got a new fax number (NEW: +49 (0)7131 1352002).
ERTA ALE & DALLOL: After the gorges trip in 2009, we like to run a new excursion to "Erta Ale & Dallol" in Feb. 2010.
INDONESIA: Due to a lack of clients, the excursion to East Java is not running this year, sorry.
GUATEMALA: There are still 3 volcanoes very active and great fun to explore: Santiaguito, Fuego, Pacaya. Some pictures from the great folks of our group will be edited on a special "Guatemala page" soon. In January 2011 we like to run an excursion again.
Santiaguito Pacaya Fuego
Guatemala Images from the left: eruption at Santiaguito dom; lava flow on Pacaya; explosive eruption at Fuego (c)Weber, 2009

ERTA ALE & DALLOL: Our expedition to the Dankail was a great success, because of a great expedition team and a very active Erta Ale (two craters). A report with pictures will follow soon at the "Ethiopia Page".
VOLCANO EXPEDITION INTRNATIONAL wishes all of You merry Christmas and all the best (great health and adventures) for the New Year 2009.
ERTA ALE: We have got the information, that the level of lava inside the active crater of Erta Ale is very high in the moment, so very active. We hope to catch this in Feb. 2009.
ERTA ALE: Well, we do have an excursion (foto-expedition) to Erta Ale in Feb. 2009. If we are lucky, we can still catch an eye on the new eruption near Dalaffilla on this trip.
ETHIOPIA: A thermal anomaly (Hot Spot) has occured near Erta Ale (Dalaffilla). That could cause us to run a special excursion quite soon to this destination. Please wait for anouncements.
VEI-WEBSITE: Here we go with a new stiled website. Please not, that this will be first a test period. If you have any suggestions or whenever you find mistakes, just let us know please. Thanks!
LENGAI: We have been to Lengai shortly for a film prject. To climb and stay on the volcano is still dangerous and difficult to mamage, so we do not recommend it. A report about it will be published as soon as possible on (located under project "OLDOINYO LENGAI")
VEI-WEBSITE: Because of website updating NEW and some other information will not be updated througout the next weeks. Please contact us for missing details via email. Thanks for your patience.
VOLCANO EXPEDITION INTRNATIONAL wishes a happy and successful New Year 2008.
VEI-WEBSITE: During the next weeks we are going to change some VEI-websites. If this may leed to confusions, please contact us.
LENGAI: WARNING! We visited Lengai between 21. and 23. of Aug, witnessing already strong effusiv activity inside and outside the crater, but on Sep., 4th the activty culminated into a very strong eruption some kilometers high and with vast quantities of lava. So far Lengai is closed to the public. Note, that from now on the climbing track might be hit (again) by deadly lava flows without any warning. More details will come soon at (located under project "OLDOINYO LENGAI").
ETNA: one week (starting on Aug. 29th) of strombolian activity on Etna ends with a paroxysm at the SE-crater and lava flows to the Valley del Bove on Sep., 4th.
LENGAI: Following to news-reports Lengai did erupt quite strong. Whatever we knowor get on information will be published during the next days via (located under project "OLDOINYO LENGAI").
LENGAI: Two moderate earthquakes have hit Lengai volcano in Tanzania. The first earthquake measured 5.4 with an epicenter 13 km east of the volcano at 11:42 pm last night (local time). The second earthquake measured 4.7 with an epicenter 20 km west of the volcano at 12:10 am today. Both earthquakes had a shallow focus at depth of 10 km. It looks like that there was no impact on the activity (big eruption) of the volcano. But let's see what reports will bring next days. Weel, in 4 weeks we can have a close look with our visit on Lengai 2007.
VEI-office: we are out of the office (Hawaii) until 5th of Nov.
HAWAII: an earthquake 6.6 Richter hit NW of Big Island on Sunday morning 7:17 hours local time the Hawaiin island arc. We are sorry for any lost or damage with the locals. Our Hawaii excursion starting next week will not be effected by this.
ETNA: a big eruption was reported on Etna. Well, it seems more what happend on Etna during the last weeks (little flows and strombolian eruption from the South Easst Crater) to us.
ETNA: the volcano has now lava flows from the South-East crater. It will be quite interesting for our excursion starting in one week.
VANUATU: back from a great and exciting expedition to the lovely country Vanuatu. Ambrym was quite low with activity, Yasur on the other hand extremely rought. Pictures will follow soon.
from Aug./10/06 until Sep./09/06 the office of VEI stays closed. Please contact afterwords!
PITON DE LA FOURNAISE: a new eruptionstarted at Réunion Island on July, 20th.
ETNA: the sicilian volcano erupted surprisingly on July, 16th with lava flows towards the Valley del Bove.
Merapi: As of the 16th of June, a large PF goes along the river at Kaliadem and kills two locals who tried to hide in a bunker. Because they could not close the door of the bunker, hot gas burned them to death.
EARTHQUAKE (6,2 Richter): at 5:57 local time an earthquake hit the city of Yogya and Gunung Merapi. Chris and some expedition members were just on the spot at Merapi at that time. Thousands of people could have been victims and of course we feel very, very sorry for all of them. So far the fragile erupting dome of Merapi did not show significant activity or collapses after the earthquake. Although some bigger PF's did occure.
Merapi Merapi Merapi
Images from the left: the PF (Phyroclastic flow) on 27.5. at 6:00 Uhr triggert by the earthquake; distroyed houses at Yogya; Merapi eruptions during the night
MERAPI: The activity at Merapi (Java) has increased during the last weeks and some sources speak of a bigger eruption comming soon.
O. LENGAI: Activity in Feb. 2006! check our LENGAI page for details, crater map and pictures!
O. LENGAI: We are on Langai beginning of Feb. 2006 and of course will collect datas for your needs as we always do. Check the Lengai site for news end of February!!!
FEUGO: big luck for Chris and company to see Fuego volcano eruptiong on January, 27th of last year.
fuego fuego fuego
Pictures from the left (c)Weber, VEI: Fuego with eruption columm seen from Antigua; Lava fountain and pyroclastic flows on Fuego seen from Acatenango volcano; Lava fountain during afternoon of 27/12/05

VERY BEST WISHES for a nice Xmas time and a happy and good New Year 2006 with many successful and safe volcano adventures.
KONGO: By midd of 2005 the peace talks between the countless armed groups and gangs around the Virunga volcanoes (East-Kongo) have failed. Sadly we do not run an expedition soon. For any individuall accesss to the Virunga volcanoes on foot, check the current safty situation very carfully.
VANUATU: Now we have the flights booked for our team. That makes the expedition a safe running. More details will follow in 2006!
ERTA ALE: Because of the political situation in Ethiopia we have to cancel all expedition planings at the moment. We are very sorry about this!
INDONESIA 2006: Yes, after the great tour 2005 (see pictures from Semeru and Merapi at the page "VOLCANOES of INDONESIA") we go again in June 2006 with the clasic "Volcanoes of East Java".
KAMTCHATKA: We are back from this unique expedition. We were unbeliveable lucky with the weather and volcanic activity, as well as bear contacts at Uzon. check the pictures. We go again one day, but it's NOT yet certain when and how the program will be for a second GO. But it's sure, that the program from 2005 want be realizeable again (9.5 hours of heli flights) this way.
Indonesia 2004 was great again, look at some pictures at our websites. Also the eruption at Etna were great and we were very lucky with the weather. Sadly most of the new pictures are only at the german website so far.
The date for Vanuatu is fixed for August 2006.
Etna erupted after 22 mounth of silence. Good luck for us, because since long we have two set excursions for October.
from 01/8/04 until 29/8/04 the office of VEI stays closed.
After a successfull trip to Chile, this great country with it's many volcanoes will be a goal for VEI in the future.
On our german website you can check all dates and other data concerning the excursions 2005, as well as plans for 2006/2007.
Sorry to inform you, that Tansania in Feb. 2005 is absolutely booked out. So put your name in for 2006 as early as possible.
The "Lengai year" with Jeager's 100 year anniversary and Chris's 10 year anniversary (we have organized 2 trips to Tansania) was very interesting, exciting and a full success. Look at the VEI website and the one of my friend Fred Belton.

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