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Highest volcanoes on earth

VEI Adventure-Expedition

Duration: about 26 days
Best Travel season: January - April
Participants: 3 - 7
Visa/Vaccination: no
Map of north Chile

The desert Salar de Atacama, the volcanoes to it's east and the highland (Altiplano) is one of the most spectacular areas of the world. There you can find not only the hiighest active volcano on earth, Llullaillaco with an altitude of 6739 m, there is also the active Lascar (5600 m) and the beautiful cone of Licancabur (5916 m). Further south is the highest non active volcano Nevado Ojos del Salado with 6887 m.
Our first destination will be Tatio with geysirs and hot springs, followed with the hikes up Lascar, San Pedro, San Pablo and finally Llullaillaco and Nevao Ojos. In between we will visit the saltkakes, hosting two species of flamingos.

Demands and travelcomfort:
This expediton is for adventurers, alpinists and for those, who love the desert. The volcano hikes are difficult with ice technics. The altitude is tramendous and needs preperations. Hiking time will be as much as 15 hours for some summit hikes. Life and hygiene will be very basic during the days out of hotels. Check with your doctor, if this circumstances (hiking in high altitudes) are ok with your physical conditions.
Note: All participants of this expedition have their own responsibility due to danger of volcanic activity, the desert in general and the altitude.

Experiences by Chris Weber, your tour leader:
I have visited the Atacama in April 1993 and 2004. The have explored the area around San Perdo (Tatio and the Valley de la luna) and I have climbed Licancabur and Lascar. In May 2004 I have climed successfully the volcano Nevado Ojos (6893 m), the highest non active volcano on earth.

Images below: 4x4wheel is essential, view to Ojos; hike to the summit
Tres Cruces Ojos Ojos
Llullaillaco Camp 2 Gipfel

Images Above: view to Llullaillaco (4000 m); camp 2 (6000 m); Inca ruins near the summit.

Travel shedule:

We have to give a deadline for conferming your participation 6 month before traveltime. This is due to a safe planing and a chance for those, who are eventually on the waiting list.
Necessary documents and vaccinations:
- A passport good for at least half a year when entering Chile is required.
- A visa is not needed for Germans, but maybe for other nationalitys. If needed, it should be replyed at least 4 weeks before the arrival in Chile at the embassy in your country.
- A valuable yellowfeever vaccination is required for entering the country if you have been in an infected area just before the expedition. We recomment also Hepatitis A (eventually B), Thyphus, Polio and Tetanus.
Customs declaration:
All film and foto aquipment has to be declared by entering and leaving the country.

travelogue day by day (achievements of VEI)

day 1.: Arrival in Santiago de Chile. Hotel.

day 2.: Flight from Santiago to Clama and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama. Hotel

day 3.: Morning excursion to Pucará, afternoon to Valley de la Luna.

day 4.: With 4x4wheel car via Salar de Atacama to the track up Lascar (4500m) climb up (5154m) and down in about 3 hours. Back to San Pedro. Hotel.

day 5.: Start with Banos de Putana and camp at Tatio. Camp

day 6.: Tatio in the morning, followed by a 4x4drive to the base camp at San Pedro (4600m). Camp

day 7.: Early morning hike up to camp 2 at 5300m. Camp

day 8.: Night Hike up to the summit of San Pedro (6145m). Back to the camp 2.

day 9.: Night hike to the summit of San Pablo (6200m). Returne to the camp 1 at 4600m.

day 10.: Drive back to San Pedro at our hotel.

day 11.: Drive south along the Atacama unti Pular and Socompa volcano. Camp.

day 12.: Totay we will reach a refugio at Llullaillaco by our 4x4 trucks. Overnihgt at 4160m.

day 13.: From the refugio we drive up to base camp at 5000 m.

day 14.: Early morning hike from the basecamp to camp 2 at 6100 m.

day 15.: In the night start to the summit (6739m). Back at the base camp (4900m) by afternoon. From the base camp we descent by 4x4 cars to the Refugio at 4160m.

day 16.: From the refugio we drive via Monturayui, Salar de Imilac and Mina la Escondida, finally to Antofagasta. Hotel in Antofagasta.

day 17.: Spare (free) day for an excursion around Antofagasta. Same hotel today.

day 18.: Drive by overland bus from Antofagasta to Copiapo. Hotel in town.

day 19.: Cipiapo to Laguan Verde with 4x4 trucks. Camp.

day 20.: From Laguna Verde up py trucks to refugio Atacama if possible, otherwise hike of some part of the track to the refugio at 5200m.

day 21.: Hike from Atacama to refugio Tejos at 5750m.

day 22.: Summit hike in the night and back to Tejos for the night.

day 23.: Hike to refugio Atacama and by 4x4 car down to Laguna Verde. Camp and hot bath.

day 24.: Drive back to Copiapo. Hotel.

day 25.: Flight from Copiapo to Santiago. Hotel in Santiago.

day 26.: Departure from Stgo.

The costs
of a participation will be given more precise half a year before departure. It will depent on the rate for a US$ to other related currencies (Euro, Peso) and some local costs (for example petrol) , which can be not exactly calculated at that stage.

Included on our tour: Transport of the group in 4xwheel cars and buses; local flights from Stgo to Calama and from Copiapo to Stgo; overnight in the hotels (x) standard double room or single doublerooms depending on your boodking; full board; local staff; insurance to cancel the tour in case of health problems; entrance fees; permits; most tips.
(x) If accommedation in one particular hotel is not availiable, equal accomplishment will be given. Further more we reserve the right to change the program if necessary.

Not included achievements:
Journey (flights) to/from Chile (Stgo); payments for a visa; departure- and airport-tax; your personal shopping and expenditures; alkoholic drinks; all other things not included in the achievements of VEI.

Detailed tour maps will be given at a later stage.

Special Equipment:

Powersupply for video, computers and light. All these systems should be fully charged before leaving your home country and again before leaving in the desert. We will bring on 12V (36AH) accumulator with the 4xWeel car and a solar charging system (12V). Think of batteries for your tourch.

General Travel Equipment:

The list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point, is based on our experiences and is to be understood as a support of your planning.

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