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Best of Java & Krakatau



Duration: 22 days
Best date of travel:
Participants: 6 - 9
Visa/Vaccination: yes

Krakatau (300 m)
Merapi (2930 m)
Bromo (2329 m)
Semeru (3676 m)
Kawah Ijen (2386 m)

The famous and very active volcanoes of East Java are as great to be visited as the cultural places such as the tempel of Borobodur and Prambanan.

We will start at the island of Kraktau. Yogjakarta will be our next goal with the volcano Merapi and the visit of Prambanan and Borobodur. Close by to Yogja is the very interesting Dieng Plateau. We will continue our tour eastwards with some great hikes near the city of Malang. The scenic and famous Tengger volcanic caldera and the volcanoes of Semeru and Bromo is the target. Not to far away is the volcano Kawah Ijen with a blue acid crater lake and sulfur mining inside the crater. This will be the last volcano-visit.
On the island of Bali you can extend your travel independently.

Demands and travelcomfort: Some steep climps up the volcanoes and the altitude up to 3700 meter makes this tour a bit difficult. You definitely need be fit and have to face basic life out in the nature. The travel comfort is very basic at the volcano and camps, because we are out in the nature. At the hotels and lodges the comfort is quite high.

Included on our tour:
All transport of the group (taxi, bus, boot and jeeps); porters; cooks; a tent for 2 persons each during some excursions; full and half board base; drinking water, coffee and tea, also light alcoholic beverages with the meals, but limited by us; insurance to cancel the tour in case of health problems; entrance fees; tips; overnight in the hotels - standard double rooms or single double-rooms depending on your boodking.

travelogue of the excursion day by day (services and achievements of VEI)

1. After arrival in Jakarta we will drive about 150 km to the west coast of Java to the village of Caritas. At this village we will spend the night and organize the boot trip to Krakatau the next day.
(Transport in a private Mini Bus; Dinner; Overnight in a basic hotel)

2. A cruise boot will bring us to the islands of Krakatau. It's about 50 km and will take 3 hours. Today we will stay first on Rakata island. Tents will be put up and our cook will make us a nice dinner.
(cruise with full board and all fees)

3. May be we change our camp today to Anak Krakatau. It all depends on the activity of the volcano and the wind directions.

(cruise with full board and all fees)

4. Another full day to look at the volcano from the see side and from the land. Depending of the activity, we may change our camp place. (cruise with full board and all fees)

5. After breakfast we will put down our tents and start the cruise back to the west coast of Java. Overnight and dinner will be at the hotel in Caritas.
(cruise with full board and all fees, tips, Transfer, overnight and dinner at the hotel)

6. From Caritas we will drive to Jakarta. From the local airport we will fly to Yogya in central Java. After transfer to our hotel we will have dinner.
(Breakfast; local flight from Jakarta to Yogya; bus and transfers; dinner and overnight at the hotel)

7. With a privat bus (cars) we will visit the volcano Merapi very early morning to see red glow of lava. After a good brunch we will visit the temple of Prambanan.
(Brunch; transpor by bus; entrances; dinner; overnight at hotel)

8. A day excursion to the Dieng Plateau will show us the thermal highlights of this giant caldera. We will pass the volcanoes Sundoro and Sumbing on the way.
(Breakfast; transpor by bus; entrances; dinner; overnight at hotel)

9. From Yogya we will hit first the temple of Borobudur and after a visit we will continue to Selo at the foot of Merapi.
(Breakfast; transpor by bus; entrance; dinner; overnight at a basic guest house)

10. For sunrise, after about 6 hours of trekking up the volcano, we will stand right on top of the lava dome of Merapi if the activity allows to do this. For lunch we will be back at Selo where our bus will wait for us to continue east until the city of Tasikmalaya at the volcano Mt. Lawu.
(Transport by bus; lunch; dinner; overnight at a hotel)

11. After breakfast we will visit an interesting tempel situated at this volcano and a nice waterfall. Later on we continue to travel east, passing the volcano Kelut until we reach the village of Songgoriti (near Malang), where we will stay for tonight.
(Breakfast; transport by bus; entrance; lunch; dinner; overnight at a hotel)

12. In the morning we have time for some excursions in the area. For dinner we will reach the little town of Tumpang and Mr. Sarmins guesthouse.
(Breakfast; transpor by bus; entrance; dinner; overnight at Mr. Sarmins guesthouse)

13. In the night we will start with 4x4wheel transport to the south of Semeru. If the weather is good, we can catch a great night view to the volcano. After breakfast we continue driving up the Tengger mountains to a place called Ranu Pani, starting point for our Semeru hike.
(Brunch; transpor by bus and 4x4wheel; porters; local guide; equipment; entrance to the the Tengger Nationalpark; dinner and overnight on a camp site; hiking permit for Semeru)

14. Today we will start (at 2200 m altitude) the todays hike towards the volcano Semeru through jungle and mountain forrest. After about 8 hours we will reach our camp side at 3000 m altitude. For the transport of tents, food and luggage, some porters will be organized for our group. Dinner will be at this base camp at the steep foot of Semeru.
(Full board during the hike; 1 porter each for private luggage; additional porters for food and tents; mountain guide; entrace to the national park)

15. The hike up from the base camp (with helmet and without luggage) stars at 3 am and will take about 3 hours to catch the sunrise from the summit of Semeru. The views and to experience the eruptions of Semeru is undiscribable. At 10 am we have to descent to our base camp for lunch. The afternoon is free of program to enjoy the view towards Semeru.
(Full board during the hike; local staff; mountain guide; entrace to the national park)

16. Early morning we will hike back to Ranu Pani. Some 4xwheel cars will pick us up at Ranu Pani for a scenic drive through the Tengger caldera to the hotel at the Tengger caldera rim.
(Full board during the hike; 1 porter each for private luggage; additional porters; mountain guide; entrace to the national park; tip for the staff; transport with 4xwheel cars to the hotel Lava Lake View; overnight and dinner at the hotel)

17. Whoever is still fit enough can start at 4 am to do an easy hike up the caldera walls to reach a very good view point for sunrise. After breakfast we will hike down (1 hour) to the active crater of Bromo, lying in the middle of the 8 km wide caldera of Tengger.
(Breakfast; entrace to the national park; transport with 4xwheel cars to the view point; overnight and dinner at the hotel)

18. Today we leave the Tengger caldera and go by bus via Probolinggo to the foot of the volcano Lomongan. We will visit some Maars and stay overnight at a hotel.
(Breakfast; transport by bus; entrance to the Maar; dinner and overnight at a hotel)

19. Very early morning we will hike up to the 1650 m high summit of Lomongan. By afternoon we will reach the mountain village of Jampit near Kawah Ijen. This basic english styled coffee farm Arabica will be the base for the night.
(Breakfast; transport by bus; lunch; entrance to the Ijen area; dinner and overnight at the Guest House Arabica)

20. From our guest house we will start at about 3 am again to drive to the hike off point Pos Paltuding. For this easy climb up Kawah Ijen it will take about 1 hour to reach the crater rim and to enjoy the sunrise at this morning. If possible. we will also hike down into the crater of Ijen, where locals are mining pure solfur and carry this valuable stuff in 80 kg loads down the volcano. Finally we will descent to the town of Bondowoso.
(Breakfast box; transport by bus; entrance; dinner and overnight at a hotel)

21. From Bondowoso we will drive towards Surabaya. Close to this big city, we will see the devastated are of Sidoarjo, where an oil drilling failed and finally flooded a vast area with mud.(Breakfast; transport by bus; entrance at Sidoarjo; dinner and overnight at a hotel

22. Flight form Surabaya to Jakarta, where you continue your journey home. You can also expand your holiday privately.
(Achievments: transfers to the airport)

Note: If accommodation in one particular hotel is not availiable, equal accomplishment will be given. Further more we reserve the right to change the program if necessary.

Not included achievements: Journey (flights) to Indonesia and back; payments for a visa (25,-USD); departure-tax (about 15,- USD); your personal shopping, extra alcoholic drinks, food, expenditures and all other achievements not listed at our pogram

Date of departure and costs:
We will set a date of departure when a group signs in on individual number, or a list of interested persons get the minimum of 6 participants. The price per participant will be based on a group of 6-9 participants.

Single accomendation requires extra payment.

For news or details please look at our webpage DATA & NEWS . If you can't find enought information just let us know.

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