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Fuegos Guatemalas



Duration: 14 days
best date of travel:
Dec. - Feb. & Jul. - Oct.
Participants: 6 - 9
Visa/Vaccination: no
Here are some pictures from our great trip 2009

and 2011

Santa Maria (3768 m)

Fuego (3763 m)

Acatenangeo (3960 m)

Pacaya (2545 m)

The highlights of Guatemala are home of some very active volconoes. Those volcanoes, Santiaguito, Feugo, Acatenango and Pacaya will be our targets on this excursion.

Demands and travelcomfort: Demands and travelcomfort: The volcanoes of Guatemala are quite tought to climp, because some are steep and some of the summits are in high altitudes up to 4000 m. Walking hours vary from 3 to 8 per day. The hotels are good western standard.
Included on our tour:
Transport of the group in privat buses; overnight in the hotels (X) standard double room or single doublerooms depending on your boodking; breakfast; dinner or lunch; guides at some volcanoes; insurance to cancel the tour in case of health problems; entrance fees; most tips.

Santiaguito Santiaguito Santiaguito
Images from the left (c)Weber, VEI: hornito at Pacaya; lava fountain at Fuego; explosive eruption at Santiaguito (Santa Maria)

travelogue of the excursion day by day (services and achievements of VEI)

day 1 Today we will start our volcano tour in Guatemala City after imigrations at the airport. Usually late afternoon. A private bus will bring us through the highland to the city of Panajachel at lake Atitlan. After check-in at our hotel you can relax from the flight.
(achievements: transport from the airport to the hotel; accomodation at a hotel in Panajachel (x) standard double room with private bath; Dinner; welcome drink)

day 2 Today we enjoy the atmospherer at this big lake on boat cruise for about 4 hours. On this superb trip we will have some stops at villages on the lake shores. In the afternoon you can enjoy the town.
(HB; transport by boot and bus; dinner; accomodation at a hotel)

day 3 Today we will go by bus further north to the beautifull Laguna Chicabel. An easy 4 hour walk will bring us to the crater lake through highland forest. In the afternoon we will reach Xela and check in for the next 5 nights.
(HB; transport; Tour; accomodation at Xela)

day 4 To get more adopted to the high altitudes, we like to climb the volcano Quemado today. This active volcano with it's last eruption in 1818 hosts great nature and has fine views.
(HB; transport; drinking water; local guide; we will keep our hotel rooms)

day 5 After breakfast we will drive to the foot of the volcanoe Santa Maria. A hikle through a coffee farm will bring us closer to the active dome called Santiaguito. Some great views and a coffee tour will be our goal on this trip.
(HB; transport; local guide; entrance to the coffee farm; accomodation like the day before)

day 6 Tonight we will hike to a ggod viewpoint, to see the erupting dome Santiaguito very close. After sunrise we will hike back to our bus. Together it will be 8 hours of hiking. To relax, we will visit a hot bath on the way back to Xela.
(HB; transport; guides; entrance fee; tips; accomodation like the day before)

day 7 In the night we drive up to the volcano Santa Maria. From the bus parking we should reach the summit of Santa Maria within 5 hours. The 3768 m high summit will give a great view right down to the erupting Santiaguito. After cold brunch we descent back to the bus and Xela.
(HB; transport; accomodation like the day before)

day 8 Instead of breakfast, we could hike (2 hours) to another good view point (2900 m) to watch Santiaguito. Midday we drive 210 km south to the colonial town of Antigua Guatemala, the old capital and the most charming town in the country surrounded by the volcanoes of Agua, Acatenango and Fuego. Antigua will be our base for the next 6 nights.
(Breakfast: transport; dinner; accomodation at a hotel in Antigua)

day 9 The volcano Pacaya will be our target today. From a small village we will start our excursion into the night to watch the lava running down from the active vents, if so.
(Breakfast; transport, local guide; entrance fees; all food for the volcano excursion)

day 10 Around midday we will be back at the village, follwed by a 2 hour drive back to our hotel at Antigua Guatemale.
(Cold breakfast; transport; guides; tips; dinner; accomodation at a hotel like day 8)

day 11 Early morning our buses will bring us up to the volcano slope of Acatenango. From an altitude of 2400 meter we will start hiking for about 4-5 hours until we reach a base camp. The night we hope to watch the erupting volcano Fuego, which is the neigbour volcano of Acatenango.
(Breakfast; cold lunch and dinner; guides; security fees; transport)

day 12 Before dusk we start hiking up the volcano of Acatenango in about 2. Fuego and other volcaoes are seen from the nearly 4000 m high summit. By afternoon we will hike back and drive to Antigua - our hotel.
(Breakfast; transport; guides; tips; dinner: accomodation at our hotel like day 8)

day 13 This is our spare day. It's planed to spend this day Antigua, where we have many great spots to visit. As well shopping at the markets could be your choice.
(Breakfast; dinner; accomodation at our hotel like day 8)

day 14 Today we will have our transfer to the airport of Guatemaly City to catch the flight home. Otherwise you can go on a travel expanditure to Tikal or to other destinations.
(Breakfast in the hotel; driver-tips; transit to the airport)

(x) If accommedation in one particular hotel is not availiable, equal accomplishment will be given. Further more we reserve the right to change the program if necessary.

Not included achievements: Journey (flights) to/from Guatemala); payments for a visa if required; departure- and airport-tax; your personal shopping and expenditures; all food not included in the achievements of VEI.

Date of departure and costs:
We will set a date of departure when a group signs in on individual number, or a list of interested persons get the minimum of 6 participants. The price per participant will be based on a group of 6-9 participants. Single accommondation requires extra payment

For news or details please look at our webpage DATA & NEWS. If you can't find enought information just let us know.

extra days 1-3:
To visit the Maya ruins of Tikal is definitely worth to spend some extra days in Guatemala. It is possible to go by bus to the lowland jungle area of Guatemala, but a flight from Guatemala City makes it much easier and comfortable. Two nights in the charming town of Flores at Lago Petén will give you a full day to explore the ruins of Tikal.
(package: flight; transfers; selfguided tour; 2 nights accomodation at a hotel in Flores)

Do not hazitate to contact us for for details and costs!

Santiaguito 2011 (c)M Neudecker Santiaguito 2011 (c)Neudecker Santiaguito 2011 (c)Weber
Images: Eruptions aa Santiaguito 2011 (c)Neudecker, Neudecker; Weber
Fuego 2011 (c)A Rohnfelder Fuego 2011 (c)M Neudecker Fuego 2011 (c)M Neudecker
Images: Eruption of Fuego 2011 (c)Rohnfelder, Neudecker, Neudecker

Following some more images from our tour 2009!
Pacaya 2009 (c)R. Ringhofer Pacaya 2009 (c)D. Heyermann Pacaya (c)W. Dussler
Images from the left: Pacaya summit 2009 (c)R. Ringhofer; "evacuation" at Pacaya 2009 (c)D. Heyermann ; lava flow at Pacaya 2009 (c)W. Dussler
Pacaya 2009 (c)R. Ringhofer Santiaguito 2009 (c)D. Heyermann Santiaguito 2009 (c)D. Heyermann
Images from the left: Pacaya 2009 (C)R. Ringhofer; camp at Santiagito 2009 (c)D. Heyermann; the "Canopy-team" 2009 (c)D. Heyermann

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