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VEI - Expedition


Fire Islands of Vanuatu


Duration: 24+ days
Date of travel: start 17/09/2015
Participants: 6 - 9
Visa/Vaccination: yes
Archipelago of Vanuatu

At the archipelago of Vanuatu we can find a variety of Island-Arc Volcanism, which is certainly the major interest for volcano freaks.
Therefor our targets will be the volcanoes Ambrym (lava lake), Yasur (strombolian) and Aoba (acid lake / lava dome).

This expedition is for everyone with a desire for adventures.

Demands: We will have partly a very basic outdoor life at the volcanoes; transport will be challanging sometimes

Yasur Yasur Yasur
Images 2006(c)Chris Weber: Vulcano Yasur on Tanna island; Lava buble inside the crater; strombolian eruption
Yasur Yasur Yasur
Images 2006: eruption of Yasur (c)Chris Weber


Attention! This program depends on the local flight schedule. Therefor we just like to give you the major blocks of our program. The order what goes first will be given later.

2 days Efate: After some flights we will finally arrive at Port Vila - capital of the country - on the island of Efate; some days are needed to organize and relax after the flights

6 days Ambea: Ambae Island with the visit of the crater lakes

8 days Ambrym: Hike to the ash plain of Ambrym island and visit of the craters Marum and Benbow; we will stay at a camp site inside the caldera

5 days Enought time and some easy trekking on the island of Tanna with the strombolian type volcano of Yasur, this will be one of the great experiences concerning activity on Vanuatus archipelago

1 day Efate: Spare time and to snorkel (scuba) on Efate

Day of departure: Departure toward your home

The costs of a participation now set but my change a little bcause of the rate to the US$ and other related currencies (local) and some local costs (for example petrol), which can be not exactly calculated at this stage.
So far the price of teh expedition will be 2.250,00 Euro per person (8-11 participants), single accommodation will cost extra 200,00 Euro.

Our service includes all food, the compleate ground logistics (4xwheel drives, boot, taxi, busses), some porters and staff, hotels, camp equippment, permits and tips.

Up to you are the costs of all flight to and in Vanuatu and back (tickets are about 2550,- Euro)and personal expenses.

Detailed tour maps will be given at a later stage.

Important notes:

We have to give a deadline for conferming your participation 6 month before travel time. This is due to a safe planing and a chance for those, who are eventually on the waiting list.

On official meeting for our members of the expedition will be set 3 month before departure. The place of this meeting will be given in time.

Necessary documents and vaccinations:
- A passport good for at least half a year when entering Vanuatu is required.
- A transit visa is needed for Australia.
- A valuable yellowfeever vaccination is required for entering the country if you have been in an infected area just before the expedition. We recomment also Hepatitis A (eventually B), Thyphus, Polio and Tetanus.

Customs declaration:
All film and foto aquipment has to be declared by entering and leaving the country.

General safety advise:
Check with your doctor if your phisical conditions are good for 35°Celsius in the humit tropical climate, basic food at some days, little comfort in the camp and sometimes low hygienic standards.
Please study carefully our list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point.

Note: All participants of this expedition have their own responsibility due to danger of volcanic activity and other action far off any civilisation.

Special Equipment:

Powersupply for video, computers and light. All these systems should be fully charged before leaving your home country and again before leaving on single excursions. Think of batteries for your tourches.

General Travel Equipment:

The list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point, is based on our experiences and is to be understood as a support of your planning.

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