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Lengai and the Rift



Duration: 15 days
best date of travel:
Dec. - Feb. & Jul. - Oct.
Participants: 6 - 9
Visa/Vaccination: yes

Oldoinyo Lengai (2950 m)

Meru (up to 2000 m)

extra: Kilimanjaro (5895 m)

During this excursion we will see some of the highlights of the Tanzanian Rift Valley, it's volcanoes and national parks. The volcano tours covers the special volcanic sihgts such as Ngorongoro, Olmoti, Embakai and a longer stay on top of Oldoinyo Lengai. Mt. Meru will get a breave stop and Kilimanjaro mitht be your extend of your trip. Specially the national parks Lake Manyara and Arusha will offer a great vaority of animal life and the fine lodges and hotels will give you a welcome break between the time in nature.

Extra Kilimanjaro: You can join an unforgettable 6 day hike up Kili using the great Machame Route.

Demands and travelcomfort: Oldoinyo Lengai is a tought and steep climp of 6-8 hours. the walking safari from Ngorongoro to the foot of Lengia is a great intensive experience with the local Masai an the wild african nature, but it's also very basic living. For Kili you definitely need be very fit and mountain experienced.
Included on our tour:
Transport of the group in 4xwhell jeeps; porters; cooks; a tent for 2 persons each; full board; drinks only limited; insurance to cancel the tour in case of health problems; entrance fees; tips; overnight in the lodges and in the hotels (X) standard double room or single doublerooms depending on your boodking.

travelogue of the excursion day by day (services and achievements of VEI)

day 1 Today we will arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport. Our tanzanian partner will wellcome us at the airport after imigrations and collecting our luggage. We will be brought to a lodge near the town of Arusha. We can relax from the flight until the evening and dinner at our lodge.
(achievements: transfer from the Kilimanjaro airport to the hotel; dinner in our lodge; accomodation at Rivertrees Inn (x) with private bath)

day 2 After breakfast we will go on a full day Safari to Arusha nationalpark and Mount Meru. There are many anymals to see and the views to Mt. Kilimanjaro are just great. The volcano Mt. Meru itself erupted lately in the year 1910.
(Breakfast in the Lodge; transport; entrance to Arusha nationalpark; cold lunch; dinner at Rivertrees; accomodation like the day before)

day 3 After breakfast we will start with our 4xwheel jeeps down into the african Rift Valley. The Lake Manyara national park will be wrth a visit in the afternoon. This park is the best location to spot the bisg five easyly. Lunch will be served at Mto Wa Mbu also our camp for the night. In this camp there are facilities for a shower, also a nice place to have a cold beer and to listn to the local music.
(Breakfast in the hotel; transport carry out by our safari organisation with 4xwheel jeeps, drivers and cooks for the hole; accomodation (in tents with moskitonet) at Mto Wa Mbu camp site; cold lunch and hot dinner in the camp, also drinking water, coffee and tea; entrance to Manyara nationalpark)

day 4 Today we will drive towards Ngorogoro crater. You will see the wild nature of the Rift Valley with it's animals and the Masai tribes living there. Different volcanoes will mark this way until we pitch up our tents at Olmoti crater in the highlands. Dinner will be at the campsite.
(Breakfast in the camp; cold lunch (always with fruits); entrance to Ngorongoro nationalpark; hot dinner; camp inside the nationalpark)

day 5 This morning we will walk to the big crater Embakai with lots of flamingos living there. Anyway animals will be around along our walking safari. Some Masai with donkeys will help us totransport all of our equipment for the next days. For tonight, a camp will be piched up at the craters rim.
(Breakfast; entrance in the Ngorongoro nationalpark; lunch on the way; dinner; porters with donkeys; camp inside the nationalpark)

day 6 After breakfast a descent to soda lake inside Embakai. By afternoon we will reach a camp withalready great views towards Oldoinyo Lengai.
(Breakfast; entrance in the Ngorongoro nationalpark; lunch on the way; dinner; porters with donkeys; camp inside the nationalpark)

day 7 Today we will have an easy hike to the base camp at lake Natron, the foot of Lengai. We will put up our tents and enjoy the rest of the day with a cold bath in a beautiful water fall near the camp.
(Breakfast; lunch on the way; dinner; local fees; porters with donkeys; organized camp)

day 8 Early morning (about 1:00 am) our cars will bring us up the volcano. From an altitude of 1100 meter we will start hiking for about 6-8 hours until we finally reach the summit of Lengai (2800 m). After this taff job is done we put up our camp in the crater and for the first time can enjoy the magic of the "mountain of good" like the Masai call their mountain. During our visit at Lengai, our experienced cooks will offer usn three meals a day.
(Experienced porters for the equipment and your backpack(**), three meals per day; watersupply)

day 9 Our first compleate day in the crater will start with the sunrise followed by many excursions around the summit of the volcano. Of course we can not guarantee activity at the volcano, but today we know, that there is almost every day something going on. And this is by far the most unique natural phenomena you can emagin. Dinner and the sunset will sometimes not finisch the day, because the lava of Lengai has a very interesting red glow in the night time.
(Breakfast; lunch and hot dinner)

day 10 Some measurements of the geological situation at Lengai could be done today and if possible, lava samples could be taken. Or you just relax and enjoy the great scenery at the crater of the holy mountain of the Masai
(Breakfast; lunch and hot dinner)

day 11 We have another full day to cruise around the crater of Lengai and to ammount the possibility of experience activity.
(Breakfast; lunch and hot dinner - you will be surprised, how our cooks can create such great meals up there)

day 12 After dusk we put down our camp and start hiking down the volcano in about 3 to 4 hours. Porters will help us again and at 1100 meter altitude our cars will wait for us. A cold bath and a game drive to lake Natron will be the program for the afternoon. Dinner is at the campsite.
(Porters for the descent; brunch; hot dinner; camp and local fees; tips)

day 13 First in the morning after breakfast we will hafe a breave stop at Lake Natron again. Then we drive back through the Rift Valley to Arusha. Today we have to say goodby to our safari crew. Dinner will be at Impala hotel.
(Breakfast; lunch, dinner and accommodation at Impala Hotel (X); fees at Lake Natron; tip for the safari crew)

day 14 For today we have a very special optional program for you. After breakfast we could drive to the local airport of Arusha, where a small plane could fly us to the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa, to get a close look into the crater and the glacier of this huge volcano. The afternoon is free for excursions in and around Arusha.
(Breakfast, dinner and accommodation at Impala hotel; transfer to the local airport and back)

day 15 If there is time left today before your departure, you will have breakfast in the hotel. Otherwise breakfast is availiable at the airport. For departure you will be brought to the Kilimanjaro airport. Another option for you is an individual extend of your visit to Taznaia (see below).
(Breakfast in the hotel if possible; transit to the airport)

(x)If accommodation in one particular hotel is not availiable, equal accomplishment will be given - standard double rooms or single doublerooms depending on your boodking. Further more we reserve the right to change the program if necessary.

Not included services: Journey (flights) to Arusha (Tanzania) and back; payments for the visa; departure- and airport-tax; your personal shopping and expenditures; edditional porter at the volcanoes(**)if you need more than one porter for your personal belongings; optional scenic flight over the summit of Kili; all other services not listed at our pogram

Date of departure and costs:
We will set a date of departure when a group signs in on individual number, or a list of interested persons get the minimum of 6 participants. The price per participant will be based on a group of 6-9 participants. Single accommondation requires extra payment

For news or details please look at our webpage DATA & NEWS . If you can't find enought information just let us know.

extra days 1-6 A hike up to the summit of Kilimanjaro takes 6 day at the Machame Route. This route is much more relaxing than the others and much more beautiful. If the weather conditions are good, you can take the Arrow glacier route to the summit. Along this 6 days, everything (except tips) is included.
(All food; transfer; obligatory guide in the national park; cooks; porters(**); entrance, rescue fee; equippment; dinner and one accommodation at a hotel)

Do not hazitate to contact us for for details and costs!

The US-guide Fred Belton also offers tours to Lengai about ones a year. We can absolutely recommend to join the experienced guide Fred on Lengai.

More details about Tanzania and the volcanoes (a link to Fred) are found on this page.

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