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VEI - Expedition


Volcanoes and bears


Duration: 30 days
best Date of travel: Juli - Aug.
Participants: min 8 - max 11
Visa/Vaccination: yes
the southern part of Kamtchatka

Kamtchatka is one of the most clourful volcanic region in the world with many different active volcanoes. The major goals are the volcanoes and the national park of the Valley of the geysirs. Some fine hiking in the unspoilt nature will give the best impressions of this beautiful peninsula.

This expediton has a special program for volcano observation and filming in the great nature.

Demands: Only for relaxed folks, who can live in the nature (huts and tents) with basic food and under harder weather conditions. The excursion arround the volcanoes are only with day luggage, but still no easy walking (though no difficulties concerning technics).

Following more details! (last update: Oct, 20th, 2005)

Important notes ahead of departure:

We have to give a deadline for conferming your participation about 6 month before travel departure. This is due to a safe planing and a chance for those, who are eventually on the waiting list.

On official meeting for our members of the expedition will be on April 23rd. The place of this meeting will be given in time.

Necessary documents and vaccinations:
- A passport good for at least half a year before departure is required.
- A visa is needed.
- We recomment the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A (eventually B), Thyphus, Polio and Tetanus.

Customs declaration:
All film and foto aquipment has to be declared by entering and leaving the country.

General safety advise:
Check with your doctor if your phisical conditions are good for long hikes, basic food at some days, little comfort in the camp and sometimes low hygienic standards.
Please study carefully our list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point.

Note: All participants of this expedition have their own responsibility due to danger of volcanic activity!


Attention! It's done, check the pictures following this program!.

1. day (July 9th): Flight from your home via Moskow towards Kamtchatka

2. day (July 10th: Arrival in Petropavlovsk (PP), 16:05 hours, transfer to the hotel in PP and meeting with our local partner, dinner at the hotel

3. day: Full day in PP, visit of the volcanological museum, logisitc orgnization, dinner at the hotel

4. day: Start with russian military helicopter (Mil Mi 8) from Petropavlovsk above the volcano Avachinsky, Koryaksky, Semiachik and Bezymianni (Kliuchevskoi) with drop off at the "Valley of the geysir" national park, accompanyed by 2 guides (one of them will be Victor), official camp site

5. day: Excursion at the "Valley of the geysir", camp

6. day: Today we shift our camp site close to the Uzon caldera if possible

7. day: Full day at nearby Uzon caldera, camp like yesterday

8. day: Start with russian military helicopter (Mil Mi 8) from Valley of the geysire to the volcanological station at Karymsky volcano, camp at the station and observation of Karymsky (1536 m high stratovolcano)

9. day: Full day at Karymsky, camp

10. day: Trekking from Karymsky 20 km north-east towards the volcano Semiachik, camp with only the basics for living and trekking food.

11. day: Climb of the 1560 m high Maly Semiachik, the same camp

12. day: Trekking back to the camp at Karymsky

13. day: Flight by Mil Mi 8 from Karymsky back to Petropavlovsk, hotel

14. day: Early morning transport by bus north (Kamtchatka river) towards the volcano group of Kliuchevskoi, camp (or basic hotel) on the way

15. day: Today we will reach the volcano group of Kliuchevskoi an depending on the weather, we will hike towards the volcano Bezymianni, camp

16. day: the early morning will hopefully give opportunities to reach good views for the observation of Kliuchevskoi and Bezymianni, at the evening we have to reach the settlement of Klyuchi, basic hotel or camp

17. day: Today we will reach the volcanological station at Tolbachik by heli (with good weather conditions we can fly to Kliuchevskoi as well), camp

18. day: Trekking to the young ash cones from 1976, camp

19. day: Trekking to Ostry Tolbachik if the weather is good, camp

20. day: Transport by heli back to the Kamtchatka river (Klyuchi), basic hotel

21. day: Transport by 4xwheel cars back south to the city ot Milkovo, basic hotel

22. day: From Milkovo transport to the city of Paratunka near Petropavlovsk (about 350 km), hotel and dinner in Paratunka

23. day: Transport by our local partner from Paratunka to the base camp at Gorely and Mutnovsky, base camp at 1000 m altitude

24. day: Trekking 10 km trekking to the crater of Gorely (1829 m), trekking (10 km) back to the base camp at Mutnovsky

25. day: 10 km hike up to the crater of the 2322 m high volcano Mutnovsky, back to the base camp

26. day: Transport by our local partner back to the hotel at Paratunka, dinner at the hotel

27. day: Off day (spare day) to take a bath at the hot springs near Paratunka, dinner at the hotel (eventuelly trekking to Avachinsky)

28. day: Another off day (spare day) Paratunka, dinner at the hotel (eventually trekking to Avachinsky)

29. day: Another off day (spare day) at Paratunka or for a hike at Koryaksky, dinner at the hotel (eventually trekking to Avachinsky)

30. day (7th Aug.): Early morning transfer to the airport (35 km), flight back home with a stop over in Moskow , arrival the same day

Avachinsky view from PP Viluchinsky(c)Anreas Ramsler Mutnovsky(c)Andreas Ramsler
pictures above from the left: Avachinsky seen from PP; volcanoes Viluchinsky (c)Andreas Ramsler; Mutnovsky (c)Andreas Ramsler
Gorely(c)Andreas Ramsler Semiachik(c)Andreas Ramsler Karymsk(c)Andreas Ramsler
pictures above from the left: volcanoes Gorely (c)Andreas Ramsler; Semiachik (c)Andreas Ramsler; Karymsky (c)Andreas Ramsler
hiker at Uzon Caldera Baers Uzon(c)Andreas Ramsler
pictures above from the left: hikers inside the vast Uzon Caldera; Bears; Baers and hot springs at Uzon Caldera (c)Andreas Ramsler
Maar at Uzon Caldera hot springs at Uzon Caldera Valley of the  Geysire
pictures above from the left: Maar it Uzon Caldera; hot springs and cooking mud pools at Uzon Kaldera; the Valley of the Geysire
Bezymianny in front Kamen und Kliuchevskoi Kliuchevskoi(c)Andreas Ramsler
pictures above from the left: Volcano Bezymianny in front; volcanoes Kamen (in front) and Kliuchevskoi (left back) Bezymianny (to the right); Kliuchevskoi (c)Andreas Ramsler
Tolbachik(c)Andreas Ramsler Shevelutch(c)Andreas Ramsler Mil Mi 8
pictures above from the left: Volcano Tolbachik (c)Andreas Ramsler; "Pyroclastic Flow" at Shevelutch (c)Andreas Ramsler; without the heliservice (Mil Mi 8) most highlights are not accessible in Kmatschatka

The costs of a participation will be 3.750,- Euro.

Our service includes all food, the compleate ground logistics, cook, some porters, accomendation, heliflights, some camp equippment, permits and tents.

Up to you are the costs of the flight to Kamtchatka and back (retourn ticket is about 836,- Euro), personal expenses and the deperture tax (20,-US$) and visa fee (35,- Euro).

Detailed tour maps will be given at a later stage.

Special Equipment:

Powersupply for video, computers and light. All these systems should be fully charged before leaving your home country and again before leaving a hotel. Think of batteries for your tourch.

General Travel Equipment:

The list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point, is based on our experiences and is to be understood as a support of your planning.

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