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VEI - Expedition to ETHIOPIA

Erta Ale to Djibouti


Info about Exped. 2002

Duration: 14 days
Date of travel:
Participants: 6-9
Visa/Vaccination: yes
north-east part of Ethiopia
Here are some pictures
from our trip 2009


Goal of this expedition is 3 night stay at the 613 m high volcano Erta Ale in the desert Danakil, the coulorfull volcano Dallol, Lake Afrera, Lake Asale and other volcanic sites in Djibouti.

We will fly from Addis Abeba strait to Makale. From Makale we will use 4x4 drive transport and finally on Erta Ale the local help with transport camels. Cooks, guides, great food, all water supply, permits and hotels will be organized on this unique expedition.

Following news and details! (last update: (Jan., 14th, 2013) The political situation in Ethiopia makes expedition possible at the moment. Still, special travel care has to be taken and the Dankail is not a place without any risk (bandits, local fightings, land mines, threat because of the desert heat) for visitors. It's an EXPEDITION destination.

The program may change a little bit because of current improvements and flights.(see update).

Meeting in Germany for departure with ET flight towards Addis the day before!

1. day Arrival in Addis; transfer to lunch stop; lunch; flight from Addis to Makale; transfer to the hotel; dinner at restaurant

2. day Start with 4x4 vehicles via Bere Ale to lake Assale (Amadela); camp

3. day Drive and excursion at Dallol; visit of springs and red salt plus salt mining; camp at Amadela

4. day Excursion to Cathrine crater; going on with our 4x4 to Kusravat and base camp of Erta Ale

5. day In the night start to the caldera of Erta Ale (613m) - the luggage will be carryed by camels; camp

6. day This is a full day at the volcano; camp

7. day Hike down from Erta Ale and drive to Lake Afrera; camp site

8. day From Lake Afrera drive south via Manda Hararo volcano to Serdo; hotel near Logia

9. day Visit of hot srings; and volcano Dama Ali (lake Abbe); hotel near Logia

10. day From Logia driving east to Manda Luaki volcano; camp

11. day Drive Manda Luaki into Djibouti; with visit of lake Asale and volcano Ardoukoba; camp

12. day Drive to the coast of Djibouti city; hotel ; dinner at restaurant

13. day Transfer to the airport; flight from Djibouti to Addis; transfer to hotel Ghion; dinner

14. day Transfer to the airport; flight from Addis to Germany - arrival usaually same day

The costs of a participation is about 2.790,- Euro per person (8 participants), based on 3 cars for the transport in the Danakil.

Our service includes all food, the compleate ground logistics (4xwheel drivers, cooks, camels, transfers in Addis, Hotels, camp equippment, permits, local guides and staff.

Up to you are the costs of the visa on arrival (about 20,-USD; 17,-Euro); the flight to Ethiopia Addis and further on to Makale and retourn (Ethipian Airlines retourn ticket is about 900,- Euro); costs for extra air-cargo (23 kg are incl.) of your personal equipment (about 20,- Euro per kilogram); departure tax if required.

Detailed maps and informaition will be hand over before departure.

Necessary documents and vaccinations:
- A passport good for at least half a year when entering Ethiopia is required.
- A visa is obligatory for everyone could be replyed at least 4 weeks before the arrival in Ethiopia at the ethiopian embassy in your country or on arrival by plane in Addis.
- A valuable yellowfeever vaccination is required for entering the country. We recomment also Hepatitis A (eventually B), Thyphus, Polio, Tetanus and standby medicine for malaria tropica (Mephloquine), although we are not in dangerous areas for malaria.

Customs declaration:
Professional film and foto aquipment has to be declared by entering and leaving the country. A list of equippment has to be hand over to me at least 2 month ahead of departure.

We have chosen the winter (Nov.until Feb.) for our expedition. This is the dry season in the highlands and the coldest season in the desert with no chance of rain and about 40 degrees celsius.

General safety advise:
Check with your doctor if your phisical conditions are good for eventually 50°Celsius in the desert, basic food at some days, little comfort in the camp and sometimes low hygienic standards.

Note: All participants of this expedition have their own responsibility due to danger of volcanic activity, the desert in general and local gunmen.

Special Equipment:

Powersupply for video, computers and light. All these systems should be fully charged before leaving your home country and again before leaving Addis Abeba/ Makale.

General Travel Equipment:

The list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point, is based on our experiences and is to be understood as a support of your planning.

Erta Ale 2009(c)VEI Dallol2 Lava lake fo  Erta Ale 2009(c)VEI

DJIBOUTI: If you like to spend some extra time at a great beach of the Red Sea, have a look at our recommendation Mr Omar Houssein takes care at this new resort at the golf of Tajourah, which is accessabel from the city of Djibouti by a 30 minute boot trip. From this nice resort, you can start right away for a whale-shark watching tour when there is season for this gentle giants. See 3 images below from our special tour in Jan. 2014.
whale-shark, Djibouti(c)VEI Sablesblancs, Tajoura, Djibouti(c)VEI Resort Sablesblancs, Djibouti(c)VEI

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