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ABOUT Volcano Expedition International

VEI was founded in December 1997 as a specialized travel-company for expedition and trekking to active volcanoes worldwide. Christoph Weber started already as a child visiting active volcanoes and he can count more than 250 volcanoes to be visited by him today. He has eyewitnessed many of them with spectacular eruptions. Volcanoes, such as Etna, Stromboli and Oldoinyo Lengai are called "second home" by Chris. Some of his greatest travel challenges were in the Rep. of Kongo (Nyiragongo), Ethiopia (Erta Ale), Chile (Nevado Ojos , 6893 m), Nicaragua, Tonga, Guatemala and Columbia.

Filming and Foto documentation is one of our main goals. There is for sure no hand full of folks around the world as experienced in practical volcano logistics as Chris Weber. He knows how to get (and to get back alive) to the most unique, remoted and fantastic places to see and feel the active volcanism.

Chris private challenges - such as hang gliding, triathlon and marathon competition, deep water diving and hight speed mountain running accomplish his outstanding position in outdoor (volcano) activities.

Chris mit Staubmaske
Christoph Weber VEI zu Pferd Gleitschirmfliegen Montserrat, von Marc
Hey volcano folks! Sure, the shape may change over the years, but le't hang on as usuall with our goal on acitve volcanoes and it's attractions and fun. No matter if on earth, on horse, into the air, or under water!
Abenteuer mit VEI Chris Weber Tauchen
Etna, von Marc 2011!
Christoph Weber Vulkane
We simply do our best!

... I went on a trip with Chris to Lengai in Tanzania; this was the most amazing trip in my life. First, Chris is a real authentic and charismatic vulcano expert who is always happy to share information and allows everyone to get the best of him all the time. Second, the trip was quite exhausitng, nevertheless, he motivated me to do it and got me up and down safely. Third, Chris is very liked by the locals in Tanzania which allows the fellow travellers to have access to a world not open to the Abercrombie's. A lot of preparation goes into the trekking tours. Chris himself enjoys it very much and as such is a guarantor for an unusual, exciting holiday experience. Hope this does not change a long time. Myself, I am looking into Costa Rica for 2005.

Frank O Lehmann, London, UK, 16. Feb 2004
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Volcano Expeditions International

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Please note, that Chris may not be in the office during most VEI-excursions. Because of this, a repley to you could take some time - sorry fot that.

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Christoph Weber

Chris Weber on the site!
Frank on Lengai

A happy guest:
Frank O. Lehmann
Etna, Sicily

Use our experiences and make your excursion as safe and successful as possible.

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